Parental Engagement

By Carl J. Petersen

Education issues as seen from a father's eyes.

LAUSD's iPad Saga Has Just Begun

It was controversial?

- John Deasy

At the beginning of August, Superintendent Deasy was mocking opponents of his plan “to provide an iPad to every Los Angeles student, teacher and school administrator.” Yesterday he cancelled the project as the controversy grew over mounting evidence of improprieties in the bidding process. This step should serve as the beginning of a process to make sure that the mistakes that haunted this project from the beginning are never repeated.

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Bored of Education? Then Step Aside

A Letter to Tamar Galatzan:

It is readily apparent to anyone who has attended a LAUSD board meeting over the last few months that you have lost your passion for the job. You fulfill the requirements for receiving your second government paycheck by physically showing up for these meetings, but show little interest in the proceedings. Instead, you pass the time on your iPad oblivious to the stakeholders who are trying to plead their cases to the board.

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Who's In Charge?

I can’t remember the last time we got an update on the program...and we don’t supervise anyone who works for the superintendent, which is who was running it

- Tamar Galatzan

The LAUSD tells parents that they have the responsibility to ensure that “their child attends school every day, on time, and is ready to learn.” Unfortunately, the district does not seem to place a priority on ensuring that the schools are ready to receive them. Our students returned to school this week to find a “slew of problems with the district’s new student management computer system.” With the district relying on the untested My Integrated Student Information System (MiSiS), it’s failure resulted in a wasted instructional time for thousands of students.

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