A home for retired LAUSD administrators

People in the know have been saying that the well entrenched bureaucracy, particularly the downtown administrators, needs to go.

Now with the audit of LAUSD Food Services revealing graft, corruption, and waste, plus the MiSIS mess and the iPad scandal, it’s past time for them to leave.Where should they go?

How about the Los Angeles Home For Retired Administrators? Since many of the downtown administrators are former principals and school administrators they could be given a room with a desk, a chair, a telephone, and of course a microphone. There could be a meeting room so that they could all get together to reminisce, brag, and compare pensions.

Since LAUSD is able to waste millions, surely they could find money to construct this facility.

Of course, it would have to be on an abandoned oil field or a lot where chemicals are in the ground, just like the sites of many new schools.