At Amelia Bedalia Elementary in LAUSD we follow the party line

(The following is fictional)

Amelia Bedalia Elementary in LAUSD is the future of education, so we follow the party line and it is reported in Pravda, I mean the LA School Report.

We teach solely to the test.

Language Arts and Mathematics are the only subjects taught. 

Physical Education is one day a month for 20 minutes.

Recess has been eliminated. Lunch is 15 minutes and only for eating. Bathroom breaks are strongly discouraged.

From 8:11 to 2:30 every school day we teach to the test.

Every Friday we take practice tests.

Homework consists solely of practicing the skills tested at the end of the school year.

Absences and tardies are extremely frowned upon.

Parents will be called into the principal’s office over missing homework and attendance issues.

Our test scores are high. Accordingly, our teachers’ evaluations are strong and the principal receives allocades from the district

At Amelia Bedalia Elementary in LAUSD the future of education is now.

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