District Goals: 1) 100 percent graduation; 2) Proficiency for all; 3) 100 percent attendance; 4) Parent and community engagement; 5) School safety

-LAUSD Web Site

The LAUSD expects its students to come to school every day “prepared to learn new skills and talents so you can use them to make a difference once you cross the graduation stage.” In return, these students should expect those elected to run the district to show the same commitment. Instead, the students of District 3 have a Board Member who prioritizes other obligations over attending Board meetings in their entirety.

At this afternoon’s Board meeting, Tamar Galatzan once again left before the final gavel. This left the stakeholders unrepresented for at least two votes. It also meant that public speakers were not heard by their representative. Instead, they spoke to an empty chair.

By my count, this is the fourth meeting during this school year from which Ms. Galatzan has left early. In fact, just last month she bolted out so that she could attend the Los Angeles Democratic Party’s meeting in a failed attempt to get their endorsement. This sent a signal to the parents and students of the district that politics were more important than her representing them at the Board meeting. She left today’s meeting without giving an explanation.

Voters should assist Ms. Galatzan in resolving her scheduling conflicts by voting for her opponent, Scott Schmerelson, in the May 19 runoff.