Bringing Accountability for All LAUSD Students


"Carl Petersen is a...strong supporter of public schools"

-Dr. Diane Ravitch

Former Asst. Secretary of Education

 “The people I represent most really want their kid to be able to read and write and that is not true...yet. So I believe our biggest problem is  that most of our kids, all of our kids, can't read.

- Mónica García, 9/20/16

Ms. García has been on the LAUSD Board for ten years and she says that our kids still can’t read? It is time for a change! I am a father of five who has fought the LAUSD to get my two daughters the special education services they needed. Now I fight for ALL KIDS:


The LAUSD School Board needs a parent's perspective. None of the current Board members has a child enrolled in the District. I am a father of five who has fought the LAUSD to get my children the services that they needed. Now I want to fight for ALL KIDS.

Our children are not widgets in an education factory. The District must provide opportunities to all students, not just those who are college-bound. I’ll fight for music and the arts, special ed centers, vocational training, and the right to opt-out of standardized testing.

I support the NAACP’s resolution. We need a “moratorium on charter school expansion and for the strengthening of oversight”. Unlike Mónica García's campaign, this campaign will not be funded by the charter industry. I will answer to the parents and students of the district, not corporate donors.

CHANGE IS COMING: The Los Angeles local elections are on March 7, 2017.

All Kids Are Our Kids!



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