Cascading Special Elections?

Mitchell Englander has not even been sworn into his second term as City Councilman for the 12th district and has already announced the search for his next job. After asking the voters to give him a five and a half year term last March, Englander announced his bid in April for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Fifth District. If successful, the resulting vacancy will force the city to hold a special election and the taxpayers to pay for the associated costs. So much for the “record as a leader in...fiscal responsibility.”

Rumors are already circulating that if the 12th Council District seat is left vacant, Tamar Galatzan will move into the area and make her second run for the Council. Her first came two years into her first term as a LAUSD Board Member, when Galatzan ran unsuccessfully in the special election to replace Wendy Greuel in the council’s 2nd District. This in turn could potentially trigger another costly special election to replace Galatzan on the School Board.

If Tamar Galatzan does not intend to fulfill the full term for the office that she seeks, then she owes it to the voters to declare her intentions. Serving the students of Los Angeles should be an act of public service, not a stepping stone to a political career.