Common Core and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Way to do Math

It astounds veteran teachers.

It confuses parents trying to help their children.

It is longer and more complicated.

It appears to be out of Abbott and Costello meets The Three Stooges.

None of the school board members or the superintendents could do Math this way. 

Neither could principals, assistants or deans.

Math is a universal language; I have seen elementary students new to this country who don’t speak or read English do their Math problems.

Why in the world did some ignorant non educators create Common Core and its non sensible, non credible, unproven, farchadat ways to teach and perform Math?

You can just see foreign students returning home and public school students entering private schools (they don’t use Common Core) trying to do Math the Common Core way.

It has to been the same people that brought you test after test, charter schools abundant and colocations, terrible and costly text books, and removed art, music, and everything not tested from the curriculum, VAM, teacher jails, and so much more.

They aren’t educators and they don’t give a damn about the students.