Continuing the Fight


Tamar Galatzan spent $24.51 per vote and is still facing a runoff. While not on the ballot, I’ll still be fighting for the LAUSD’s students.


On election day, 3,233 people invested their vote in me. While that was not enough to move me to the next round, those votes did help ensure that Tamar Galatzan will face a runoff. After being confronted by $272,247.61 in independent expenditures supporting the incumbent, this is a very important accomplishment and brings us one step closer to removing her from office.

To those who voted for me and provided other support, I promise that my fight will continue. I have already converted to a site where I can continue to advocate for the stakeholders of the district. I am also pleased that the Change The LAUSD Facebook community has continued to grow in the days after the election.

My first priority is to help ensure that Scott Schmerelson is successful in the May 19th election. As I have pointed out many times during the primary campaign, the students of the LAUSD cannot afford to continue with the failures of the current Board. While Scott and I brought different perspectives and personalities to the race, we had broad agreement on the issues. In May, I will be voting for Scott. I hope that anyone who voted for me on Tuesday will consider doing the same.

Thank You,