Bilbo Billionaire invades public education at LAUSD

My name is Bilbo Billionaire and my family through three generations has continued to double our fortunes every year. No one in my family, no one in my peer group, and no one on my Board of Directors, and no one in any of their families has ever attended public schools. We have been at the top private schools all the way.

I am investing in charter schools and online schools because both are real moneymakers. I have spent millions on local school board and statewide elections on candidates who advocate charter school education. I am strongly opposed to advocates of public school education.

Our goal is to have every public school student in the United States enrolled in a charter or online school by the end of this decade. Public schools be damned.

Reporters and education advocates have asked what happens when all the investors who are my peers take their profits out of the charter schools instead of reinvesting them in the students’ education. I don’t care. Let the public schools systems start anew with nothing. We will have their sites, furniture, and tax dollars. 

Let the buyer beware!