Education: It's time for a revolution

You say you want a revolution

Well, you know

We all want to change the world”


We can’t save the world,

But we can save the children for the world!


It’s time for a revolution in education.

It’s time for education to be for the students.


It’s time for education to be about learning,

Learning for their future, learning for the following school years.


It’s time for the testing oriented system to disappear,

It’s time for a return to an era when children learned and teachers taught without the pressure of test scores.


It was good enough for us. We were taught the 3R’s and music and handwriting and shops and cooking, and schools did not need to obtain a grant for musical instruments or for a dance or an art teacher.


We succeeded. Our education led us to college and to careers.  We learned how to work in groups, and to think creatively.  Everything wasn’t “yes or no” “black or white”.


We learned how to write and to write in cursive, not fill in workbooks.  We learned our Math without completing photocopied pages.


We learned, but they changed education.  

We learned, but they brought in testing.

We learned and learned until we knew.

We learned, we progressed, and we succeeded.


Something happened! Changes that don’t benefit the students happened.


It is time for a revolution.  Take back the schools for the students. Take back the students for their future. Take back education!!