Election season is over—LAUSD board members can return to doing what they want to

The LAUSD Board of Education and the Superintendent (whoever he is) have always been the center of the attention in the district—it should be the schools, the students, and the educators.

When notable teachers like Rafe Esquith and Iris Stevenson receive international and national acclaim, it goes against the grain of downtown where the spotlight is supposed to be directed on those at Beaudry. So they attempt to shine a negative flame upon those teachers.

Now that the elections are over:

They will disregard the interests of their constituents—the voters.

They will disregard the needs of the schools, the teachers, and the students.

They will look out for each other and search for their next elective offices.

They will follow the lead of the downtown administrators and bureaucrats who avoid school visitations, are light years removed from their teaching experiences (if any), and they will palm off any parental concerns to their large staffed offices, where the concerns will die from no actions on them.

Some of these board members got their terms extended from four years to six years because of the change in city elections to coincide with presidential elections.

So those members running for reelection will have 5 1/2 years to be imperious and 1/2 of a year to pretend to make nice to the electorate.

LAUSD where your tax dollars and bond dollars go to waste.

LAUSD where the downtown administrators, board members, and superintendents only care about themselves and each other and pleasing their masters.

Like the City Council members who never met a developer whose projects they wouldn’t approve or wouldn’t refuse campaign donations from, the Board of Education members never met a charter school investor whose schools they wouldn’t approve or scrutinize and from whom they would always accept campaign donations.