Give Like a Billionaire


"The ferocity of CCSA’s attack is particularly visible and ironically so in LAUSD4 because Steve Zimmer defies the Charter movements bid for educational hegemony. But in fact their most obligated, least-forbearing minion is not even among the pair opposing Zimmer but has been entrenched in LAUSD2 since 2006. Not Zimmer, but in fact Mónica Garcia was the board’s president at the time of the iPad debacle. It was she who was ensconced at the foot of the board-U, shepherding Eli Broad’s unvetted and unqualified vassal John Deasy via then-superintendent Ramón Cortines, personally enabling one of the larger proposed heists of public monies in memory.

Why is it that she is not held accountable for selling out the district?

Fortunately, there are two candidates running against her either of whom would be far, far superior champions of LAUSD2’s kids. Carl Petersen brings a parent’s perspective to the complexities of managing the nation’s second-largest public school system. And native daughter Lisa Alva brings a prodigal teacher’s wisdom to the table regarding Education ®eform.

Either candidate is preferable to the one currently squatting there, but I don’t have to decide which because I don’t live in LAUSD2. In fact you don’t either, all that is necessary is that your vote not go to the CCSA candidate, because their mission is to privatize the public Commons. If you want some say in how we raise the next generation, our very own kids, then it is necessary to show these privatizers the door."