I’m a billionaire and I want your school!

I’m a billionaire and I want your school!

A bunch of us were sitting around talking about the next unexploited, profitable industry and someone said education could bring us more wealth and power.

So we came up with a plan.

First we talked to the textbook and test publishers and asked them to create tests that make the public schools look bad through low test scores.

Then we pushed to have this Common Core stuff (which I don’t understand) promoted and used in every public school in the nation.

After that we spoke to the owners of charter schools and started some of our own, so that we became fully invested in both.

As parents saw the low test scores at their public schools they streamed to our charter schools. We petitioned the school districts to allow us to use empty classrooms on their campuses.

We receive the same amount of state funding per student as our public school neighbors. This is where the huge profits come into play.

We hired teachers—some of them not fully qualified—at low pay rates. We don’t allow the teachers to form unions. We refused children with special needs so we don’t have to pay extra for teachers to help them. We have found other ways to cut corners too.

As a bonus, if a public school loses many students and has to close we can use the school site for our schools or develop the land and make even more money.

The corporate takeover of America continues. We buy your legislators through campaign funds. Our large stores close your family run businesses. Our large farms buy out your family farms. Our large car dealer companies buy out your locally owned dealerships. Large banks, airlines, markets, and manufacturers merge within their industry to create power and monopolies. If a startup such as a cell phone company is successful we give them an offer that they cannot refuse.

Workers will be forced to vote out their unions if they want to keep their jobs. No more middle class, now we are looking at Social Security and Medicare.