I want to buy a school from LAUSD

You say that is as stupid as widening the San Diego Freeway when they should have built a train transit system on it instead.

It seems that everything in LAUSD is for sale. 

School board candidates receive millions of dollars in campaign funds from out of state billionaires who have no vested interest in the school district.

Class sizes are being raised, so empty classrooms on many campuses are being given to for profit charter schools.

The reformers want LAUSD students (except for special needs ones) to move to those schools in which they and their peers have investments.

So why can’t I buy a LAUSD school? I would find a school where the community is supportive and the parents at the school are involved and have high expectations. We would gather our funds and make a legitimate offer to LAUSD, which needs the money.

We would then secede from the district and hire our own teachers, administrators, and supplemental staff. We would contract out for food and custodial services and create a combine with neighboring schools to get the best deals on insurance and supplies. Since the tax dollars would come directly to the school, instead of being used to support the superfluous district bureaucracy, there would be money for supplies and best of all for smaller size classes.

Why don’t you buy your community school, secede from the district, and provide a better education for all?