If it's LAUSD, I push the failure button

Except for schools in selective parts of the district, LAUSD is a failure:

  • A failure to graduate students from high school.
  • A failure to prepare students for anything but testing--not for the next grade and not for life.
  • A failure to allow the students time to master skills, review skills, and remediate skills, before they go on to the next skill.
  • A failure to teach any subject that is not tested.
  • A failure not to have shops and practical arts based on the theory that everyone must take college preparatory programs.
  • A failure to support teachers with the most difficult students.
  • A failure to keep class sizes low enough so each teacher can reach each student.
  • A failure with the us versus them situation where the downtown administrators and school board members are us and they throw everything including blame on the back of the teachers (them).
  • A failure to consult the people who really know--the teachers.
  • A failure to keep schools, playgrounds, and restrooms clean.
  • A failure to bring students who are behind up to grade level because time is only for teaching to the test.
  • A failure to reveal the line budget.
  • A failure to spend our tax dollars at the schools.