In the United States of Plutocracy, is public education the last bastion of Democracy?

Public education is free; paid for by our property tax dollars. No one makes a profit from it. The board of education and the state superintendent of public education are chosen in free elections.

All of that is changing. Billionaires are pouring millions into local school board races to elect candidates who will serve their needs. Dot com millionaires with no knowledge of public education are running for statewide educational positions. 

These wealthy investors who would never allow their children to attend public or charter schools, who would never allow their children to attend schools using the Common Core, who would never allow their children to attend schools where everything including teachers’ evaluations depends on test scores, who would never allow their children to attend schools where the class sizes are large and there is minimal support personnel, are investing in charter and online schools and are working behind the scenes to get elected officials and district administrators to close public schools and send the students to for profit charters.

They want to make money and they want to utilize their power.

Guess who gets the land from the closed schools at a great value—the charter schools. If the closed school sites are not picked up by charter schools, the billionaires will swoop in and grab the sites a great price for development.

We must fight for public schools!

We must fight for democracy!

The 1% don’t send their children to public schools, they just are in it for the money.

Since the charter schools can select the students that they want, the remaining public schools will house the special needs students, the poor, the homeless, the emotional troubled, the physically handicapped, the non-English speakers, and anyone else undesirable to charters.

Is this what you want? 

Is this what you want for your children and your grandchildren?

Is this what you want for the future of our country?