Is LAUSD real or a Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Production?

Are they trying to provide a proper education for the students or are they trying to see who has the most power and influence?

Are trying to see which Los Angeles millionaires and billionaires can get their candidates elected to the LAUSD school board and who can get their chosen person selected as Superintendent?

Are they trying to get all senior teachers to retire early to save lifetime benefits by finding a reason to put them into teacher jails?

Are they trying to make sure that fewer students past the worthless tests so that more parents put their kids into charter schools that are for profit with the billionaires and millionaires as the investors in the schools?

Are they trying to make the teachers feel so poorly and be paid so poorly that they quit and leave the field of education?

Are they trying to force Breakfast In the Classroom so that their sponsors sell surplus food, the kids get fat on the high calorie, breakfasts, the teachers have to clean up and can have a bug infestations in their classrooms, and more educational time is lost?


The losers are the students (and their futures) and the teachers.

The winners are the billionaires, the politicians, the school board members, the superintendent, and the downtown administrators.

Is this any way to educate children?