Is there a difference between the war on terror and the war on teachers?

Why are we in Afghanistan anyway? 

To get our soldiers killed or injured or to have the soldiers return with PTSD, no jobs awaiting them, and limited federal government support.

Why did we invade and destroy Iraq?

To make billions for the defense industry which supports legislators with campaign contributions, and to make billions for the corporations rebuilding and the private defense firms guarding Iraq. And oil power.

Why is there a war on teachers?

To have every student in public schools enter for profit charter schools and to break the power of the teachers’ unions.

Money, lots of money:

for the billionaires,

for the humongous international corporations,

for the 1%,

for the state, local, and federal officials who remain in office through the campaign contributions of the above and vote their way!

Remember teachers are terrorized by the threat of teacher jails; by the loss of tenure and due process; by furlough days; by the dismantling of their unions; by the continual increase of class sizes and superfluous paperwork; by the loss of benefits; by the lack of support from administrators—and particularly with no discipline help in severe situations; and by evaluations of their work based on test scores and even to have their scores published.

Destroy other countries, disable innocent citizens and soldiers, pollute the water and the air, pay little or no taxes, control elected officials, cause gas price increases, decimate public education, demoralize teachers, all in the name of power and money—it’s well beyond greed—it’s control, it’s plutocracy and it’s killing the 99%.