It’s a tragedy what’s happening to our profession—Goodbye veteran teachers

Veteran teachers are leaving the profession!

Veteran teachers like senior citizens should be revered for the knowledge, wisdom, and experience.

Each of us had an unofficial mentor when we first started teaching and again when we moved to a new school. 

Pretty soon there will be no teacher over 30 at any schools:

No one to ask advice about situations, students, parents, and administrators;

No one who remembers how it was before--when the teachers were loved and respected by everyone, and they were the ultimate authority on anything for their students; 

No one who remember the proper way to teach instead of solely teaching to the test;

No one who knows how to review and re-mediate a skill until mastery;

No one who knows how to enrich and challenge the students;

No one who provides fun throughout the educational day because they are so scripted and controlled by the minute;

No one will want to teach and pretty soon the districts will return to employing emergency credentialed teachers who learn on the job!

There will be no personality in our profession, just instructional robots doing the same exact things as the teacher next door.

Then there will be no professionalism in our profession.