LAUSD--MISIS: the gift that keeps on stealing (our bond money and our tax dollars)

“The cost of L.A. Unified's digital student tracking system rises to $189 million.” 

“Last week, the school board approved $40.3 million for what the technology division says will be the last of six large chunks of bond money needed to fix the problems.”

Add a lawsuit  here, a lawsuit there, paying a former superintendent or two, a wasted program or 100, a superfluous bureaucracy, plus the money for the worthless tests and the test preparation materials that do nothing but enrich the publishers.

What is left for on campus needs?


Doing our best to waste your tax and bond dollars;

Maintaining the low graduation rate and the school to prison pipeline;

Not preparing our students for successful vocational futures due to the elimination of shop classes.

It does not matter who sits on the school board—the waste and corruption remain.

Is this any way to run a district that is really a business?

Is this any way to prepare the future leaders of our nation?

This is just a top down pyramid with the students and the teachers at the bottom and the people at the top looking down and trying to protect their positions, perks, power, privileges, and pensions as they if they have the “DO NOT REMOVE” labels that you find on mattresses. 

Then there are the elected members of the Board of Education who are bored of education and they wish only to get name recognition as they scan for higher elective offices.

LAUSD, the entrenched bureaucracy that maintains itself and refuses to go away.

The time for change has long since passed. 

Revolution is needed! LAUSD is a monster, a monstrosity created and maintained by those in charge.

A new school board, a sale of the Beaudry headquarters, an elimination of the bureaucracy, and a watchdog panel of educators would be a beginning of the needed revolution.

Meanwhile, LAUSD—LA’s unusually screwed up district, continues it abomination of education.