Letter From Michael Janofsky

I received the following e-mail from Michael Janofsky, managing editor from the LA School Report. Does this sound like a professional journalist?

Subject: You're wrong, as usual
Mr. Petersen,
In all my entreaties to you, I have never made this personal. I have tried to focus on issues, both in what we do and how I have responded to your ad hominem attacks against Tamar Galatzan, LA School Report and me. You have ignored every request; I have sent you private emails, and you have chosen to make them public. 
You guess you feel sorry for me? I'll save you the trouble. Don't. I have a very thick skin, and I really don't care what you think. My career has been long, successful and rewarding. I've done many things, been many places and enjoyed every minute of it. I hardly need you to validate what I've done, what I do or how far I've "fallen."
In fact, I'd be surprised if anyone really cares what you think. Your success in the school board race showed me the esteem, trust and respect people have for you.
You are right in at least one of your recent comments: we will try our best to take down your remarks no matter how many different email addresses or computers you use. That's not censorship; that's maintaining a little more integrity for the site. 
I am curious about one thing, though. Does your employer at xxxxx know how much time during the day you waste attacking me and LA School Report? Just curious.
I bear no personal grudge against you, Mr. Petersen. Life's too short for that, and nothing you do or say really means much to me, anyway. This will be my last message to you, and if you choose to post it somewhere, please use the whole thing.
I wish you only the best and sincerely hope you can find more fruitful ways to spend the week days.
Michael Janofsky