More LAUSD waste: Lobbyists, lawyers, and public relations—while air conditioners need service

Our tax dollars pay for lobbyists in the LAUSD Office of Government Relations with offices in Los Angeles and Sacramento. 

While class sizes are way too high!

The district uses high priced outside law firms while the Office of the General Counsel has a Facilities Legal Services Team consisting of 41 lawyers.

While "LAUSD has 2,600 requests for air conditioning repairs."

LAUSD has a Communications and Media Relations department with eight staff members and that does not include clerical personnel. 

While schools are filthy!


There is a Common Core State Standards section, which is new.

Schools need supplies from toilet paper to writing paper.

A Director of Real Estate and a whole department exists.

Education is about the students and their schools. There are more employees in LAUSD that are not teachers, than there are teachers.

I have heard that there are so many floors at LAUSD’s Beaudry headquarters building filled with employees who have no significance in the education of our children—superfluous positions.

Fire them all and break up LAUSD!!