My Husband Is the Fighter LAUSD Students Need

Nicole and Carl PetersenWhen I met Carl in 2006, I was a single mother with triplets, two of whom are on the autism spectrum. I was convinced that I would never find my happily ever after. Thanks to the world-wide web and serendipity, Carl and I were brought together and in 2008 we married.  

Nicole and the TripletsFrom very early on Carl admitted that he had very little experience with Autism but he always found a way to connect with the girls and enjoy experiences in the outside world despite their limitations.  Soon he began to question their academics. He asked questions such as “What kind of classroom are they in?” and “What is the hope for their future?” I could answer most of the questions, but not all, and then Carl said that we needed to investigate further.

Wedding Day, Disneyland 2008Once the girls were in middle school, things began to go downhill for them quickly and it was time to fight. Carl stood by me every step of the way as we went through due process and hired an amazing lawyer that got our daughters into the programs that they are in now.  Zoey and Morgan, now 14 years old, are progressing and we can see a future for them. Their future is still fuzzy, but I know that I have a partner that will stand by my side to FIGHT for them.

Tahoe 2013That word FIGHT comes up a lot in his campaign. Carl is a FIGHTER!  Let me tell you, he rarely backs down. However, he is also not afraid to admit when he is in the wrong and change direction. He has fought for our children, all five of them, and I know that he will fight for the rest of our kids in the district.

Our Family 2015Carl believes that a strong public education is the secret to a successful future. He recognizes that the explosion of enrollment in charters is a sign of failure of the current Board. Carl sees alliances with parents, teachers and administrators as the way to improve the LAUSD.


Please join us, along with our many supporters, on March 3rd to Change the LAUSD!

Best Regards,

Nicole Petersen