Our country is for sale—our schools are not, but

The large corporations have either purchased or forced the closure of the smaller competitors and have said goodbye to the mom and pop stores.

The banks have taken over the smaller banks and financial institutions so we just have colossal behemoths of finance.

The legislators, national and local, have been bought and paid for through campaign contributions and they listen to persuasive lobbyists.

The Brothers Rich are trying to buy a Republican Presidency through their selection process, influence, and contributions.

No one put the local public schools up for sale. Charter schools, especially in California and in LAUSD, continue to expand, steal students from the local public schools, appropriate facilities from the local districts, and take our tax dollars designated for the public schools systems.

The tests and the Common Core along with the lousy books used in the classrooms were designed to fail the students. Then the parents would see the poor test scores, heed the call of the charter schools, and leave the public schools screaming for cash. Parents do this without knowing that charter schools can discriminate when they select the students that they accept and without knowing that the charter schools cut corners in many ways in order to earn a profit for their investors.

The charter schools, by keeping out the special needs, handicapped, impoverished, homeless, and English language learners make their tests scores and their API’s look stronger. Meanwhile, the public schools left with the students found undesirable by the charters, have low test scores and API’s, empty classrooms, and gross shortages of funds needed to educate our children.

The reformers, politicians, and their supporters are putting public education out of business just like they did to their smaller business competitors.