People want to hold LAUSD teachers accountable—what about everyone one else in LAUSD?

Sure, go ahead and hold teachers accountable for test scores. Even attach their raises to the scores. Make it so they can be terminated; but wait.

Who holds the principals, assistant principals, and deans accountable? What about the downtown administrators, the superintendent and his assistants, the local administrators, and the school board members?

No one holds them accountable! The school board hires the superintendent. He and the school board hire his assistants. He and the school board select the downtown administrators and the local administrators who in turn choose and support the principals.

So the only employees in LAUSD held accountable are the teachers who do what the downtown administrators, the school board, the superintendent and his assistants and the principal at each school tell them what to do.

Is this any way to run a business with 59,000 employees, 1,200 schools serving 900,00 students with a $6 billion budget? 

There is something absent here. Accountability for everyone in LAUSD!