Getting Back To LAUSD: Careful Choices

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Guest post by Ellen Lubic, Executive Director of Joining Forces 4Ed

"It will be the incoming four BoE members, joining the other three, who will be making most of the decisions on these vital questions.
Here is a list of those who have filed to run...District 3, Tamar Galatzan, a lawyer, who faces six challengers. She has been a staunch Deasy supporter. Challengers are...Carl J. Petersen a business man who has been a vocal foe of Deasy...
It is imperative that voters all do their homework on each candidate, and support their choices openly.  We have seen the influx of the huge donations  to school board elections by billionaires, both in state and out of state, seeking to privatize our public schools for investment profits, so it is incumbent upon all LAUSD taxpayers, parents, and community members, to not be influenced by the big money manipulators, and to vote for the valid proponents of public education.
Start learning who these prospective BoE members are in terms of their backgrounds and whom they really will represent.  We do not need any more Eli Broad, Walton Family, Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch, etc. influence dominating LAUSD."
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Funding Change Upsets Porter Ranch Parents

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Porter Ranch Community School Expected to Receive More than $240,000 as a Pilot School; New Funding Formula Cut Those Funds

By Matt Thacker on June 4, 2014.
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"The regulations for implementing the new formula were approved in January, and Galatzan and LAUSD officials maintain they were not aware until then that pilot funding would be cut. Carl Petersen, who is running against Galatzan in next year’s election, said LAUSD never should have provided funding estimates to the school community when they knew changes were coming."

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Two Candidates File to Seek Galatzan School Board Seat

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CPPosted on April 24, 2014 11:30 am by Michael Janofsky

"Petersen’s candidacy represents his first run for public office.

'I’ve been thinking about it for a year,' he said in an interview, explaining that his prime motivation was encountering obstacles in his quest for help for two of his daughters with autism.

'It’s such a bureaucratic process with all the hoops they make you jump through,' he said. 'There’s a feeling throughout the district that the board doesn’t listen to parents. You see it in Breakfast in the Classroom, the iPads. They have a deaf ear to parents. Parents are speaking, but the board doesn’t listen.'

Petersen, 46, said his interest in running was not necessarily in protest of Galatzan. Not initially, anyway.

'At first it was more general,' he said. 'But then, I attended one of her community meetings about the budget. After listening to her, I was not impressed.'"

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