PRESS RELEASE: LAUSD Candidate Earns Key Endorsement

Carl Petersen called “well qualified” and “committed to the ideals of NPE Action.”

Carl J. Petersen, a candidate for LAUSD District 2 has received one of the endorsements from Network for Public Education (NPE) Action. NPE Action is a national advocacy group that was co-founded by Diane Ravitch, a former Assistant Secretary of Education, and Anthony Cody “to fight to preserve, promote, improve and strengthen our public school system, an essential institution in a democratic society.”

“NPE Action is instrumental in connecting public-education advocates so that information can be quickly shared,” said Petersen. “I am very proud to have earned the support of an organization that I greatly admire.”

Prior to the endorsement, NPE Action President  Ravitch had called Petersen a “strong supporter of public schools” in her blog and has shared information from the articles that he publishes on K-12 News Network’s The Wire. NPE Action Executive Director Carol Burris included quotes from Petersen in her four-part series about charters that appeared last year in The Washington Post.

“Like NPE Action, I am committed to preserving an education system that is public and available for all,” said Petersen. “I thank them for the endorsement and look forward to continuing our work together.”

I am a parent, special education advocate and a candidate in LAUSD’s District 2. Diane Ravitch called me a “strong supporter of public schools.” For additional information, please visit