Privatization Report - September 21, 2020

California: Carl Petersen has penned an interesting report on what’s become of El Camino Real High School after it was privatized under a law created to allow parents to privatize “underperforming” schools. He ties the history to upcoming school board elections. “As voters in LAUSD’s Board District 3 get set to choose between a life-long educator and a charter school employee, this lack of accountability should be at the forefront of the discussion. Incumbent Scott Schmerelson has a proven track record of supporting successful charter schools while holding these publicly funded private schools accountable when they break the rules. The challenger, Marilyn Koziatek, works for Granada Hills Charter, which is also a conversion charter that had an excellent record as an LAUSD school. Instead of looking out for stakeholders, her record shows that she is willing to keep violations hidden from parents. Koziatek’s elevation to the board would guarantee that betrayals of the public trust would continue unabated.”

Read the complete report on the In The Public Interest website.