"Severe and Pervasive Educational Deprivations"

On Wednesday, Superior Court Judge George Hernandez Jr. ruled that the students of LAUSD’s Jefferson High School “have suffered and continue to suffer severe and pervasive educational deprivations” and ordered the state to step in to fix the problems. Hopefully, the state will be able to find an adequate solution for these students. In the meantime, as a father and taxpayer I have to question why there has been no “organized effort to help those students” from the district itself.

The LAUSD is broken and the problem lies at the feet of the people who run the district. Two months into the school year, MiSiS is still not fully functioning and district officials have yet to acknowledge the extent of the problem. Thirty year bond funds approved by the voters for desperately needed repairs in our schools have been diverted to buy iPads that will last three years. Instead of collaborating with teachers, the district attempts to bully them into submission.

I am a father of five, with four of my children still enrolled in the LAUSD. When the district made me fight for the services that my daughters' teachers agreed they required, I knew that the LAUSD had lost their focus on the students. It was then that I decided that I needed to run for school board. As the board member from district three, I will:

  • Empower Parents
  • Respect Teachers
  • Protect Taxpayers