Teachers Jails — No Veteran Teachers Left Behind (A Poem)

Teacher jails, teacher jails,
The process moves like snails.
Deasy and Cortines popularized the incarceration,
They almost franchised it across the nation.
If you are a senior teacher at the top of payroll list,
Downtown will tell your principal that they insist.
Find a reason to put you away,
Into a rubber room you will stay.
The sitting will be like hell for you,
And they won’t tell the accusations too.
The incarceration can drag on for years,
The sitting will bring depression and tears.
The police will clear you but the district will not,
And your name becomes mud and you feel like snot.
You can be a world renown or just a regular educator,
Your union won’t get you an attorney or negotiator.
The people who run this inquisition really belong in jail,
With a life full of storms, sentences, and hail.