Testing--so wasteful of money and instructional time!

LAUSD elementary students are completing the wasteful, monotonous DIBELS today.

Each teacher in Kindergarten through fifth grade has to sit in front of a computer with each student one at a time, while the student reads to the teacher. 

The teacher must hear the same passage over and over again. The tests take 7-8 minutes per student for fourth and fifth grade. Thirty or more students are in the fourth and fifth grade classes.

The rest of the class must work independently while the teacher concentrates on the test. Kindergarteners and first graders have to work independently, which is not easy for them.

The students as a class have to take a 3 minute reading test. That’s 3 minutes plus directions, plus time for passing out and collecting the tests.  The students are unable to complete all of the questions in 3 minutes; how does that make them feel?

Then each teacher has to hand score the 3 minute tests, and record every student’s score on the Internet.

The hours that it takes for the DIBELS are lost for instruction and take away the teachers’ time to interact with and to assist the students.

This financially wasteful test is given three times a year so that the district can record, track, and sell the data of your children.

Testing what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!