They’re coming to take me away—I am a veteran teacher

Throughout the United States, veteran teachers are being targeted. Facebook has story after story about veteran teachers, many times an award winning teacher, being targeted by their school administrations.

These school administrators have received the word from on high—the downtown administrators—to get the veteran teachers to leave.

In LAUSD they are put into teacher jails. In other districts the veteran teachers receive poor reviews, the most difficult students, and all kinds of pressure from the administration--all designed to get them to quit before they receive either full or partial lifetime benefits upon retirement.

Depending on the size of the school district, these savings could amount to tens of millions of dollars annually.

The veteran teachers are trained and experienced. They were trained, and then they taught the proper way to teach—without testing, without the test calendar, but with fun included and worked to reach every child no matter what their prominent learning domain is, and to teach them to the mastery of the skills.

The veteran teachers are not afraid to tell the newer teachers who have only known teaching to the test calendar, how it was, that it worked, and how it should be.

The veteran teachers are not afraid to speak the truth at faculty meetings or at meetings and conferences with parents.

The school districts are creating students who will be followers when they grow up, mice as adults, never knowing anything but black and white, thinking that everything in life is multiple choice, and they are also creating a generation of teachers who follow and do not question.

They will be perfect for public education as the reformers siphon off the students to for profit charter schools as public schools are forced to close due to under enrollment. These teachers will follow the dictates of the school administrators who follow the dictates of their bosses downtown who follow the lead of the reformers, just as the LAUSD Board of Education members follow the lead of their superintendent who follows his masters Broad and Gates.