We need an Eddie Haskell clone to be LAUSD Superintendent

Eddie—Good afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver, you sure are looking lovely Mrs. Cleaver.

June—Thank you Eddie.

Eddie—Are the boys home?

Ward—Yes, Eddie go on up.

Eddie—Beaver, you little twerp why are hanging around?



Eddie to the Board at a public meeting—how are you today and I hope that we have a very productive meeting.

Eddie to the Board behind closed doors—You guys are too busy raising campaign funds from charter school operators.

You need to stop approving charter schools, scrutinize carefully the ones that we now have, and be in your local schools 4 days a week.

Eddie—You need to talk to teachers, parents, students, and administrators (your constituency) and get the truth and come here on the fifth day to share their ideas and concerns.

Eddie—This district is about the students, their educations, and their futures. I don’t want to hear of any campaign consultants or reelection activities going on in this building.

Eddie—I want you to respond—yes you—not your many aides, to parental concerns. Speaking of aides, you only need one as the money belongs in the schools.

Eddie-Remember that you answer to the students, the parents, the teachers, and ultimately to me.