While they are smearing Rafe Esquith, remember that LAUSD teachers are the best

I have taught at a have nothing school, at a have some school, and at a have everything school, all in LAUSD!

The one great common factor at all three schools is the quality and dedication of the teachers. I believe that there are teachers like this throughout the world:

  • Teachers that arrive at 7:00 am and leave at 6:00 or 7:00 pm.
  • Teachers that provide free after school tutoring.
  • Teachers that give up their lunch and recess breaks to work with their students.
  • Teachers that attend their students special events: ball games, recitals, religious ceremonies, etc.
  • Teachers that mentor new teachers and mentor teachers new to their schools.
  • Teachers that share their materials and their ideas with their peers.
  • Teachers that are so excellent that parents vie to have their children in that class.
  • Teachers that loan lunch money to kids knowing that it will not be returned.
  • Teachers that work at home late into the night planning and checking the work of the students.
  • Teachers are the backbone of our schools. Their strong successes make the districts look better, raise the test scores (for what its worth), make parents happy, and help provide a future for our students.
  • Teachers provide role models for all children and especially for the many that have no positive role models.
  • There are so many teachers that go beyond the curriculum, that go beyond the pacing plans, that go beyond what is tested, to provide enrichment and challenge, to teach practical and life skills, to meet the needs of each and every student.
  • Teachers travel into areas where others fear to tread and each day provide their students with a day of hope, security, love, and positive attention.

The teachers are public education. Not the superintendent; not the school board members; not the downtown or local administrators--the teachers are LAUSD and every school and school district!