Bringing Accountability for All LAUSD Students

"Carl Petersen is a candidate for the Los Angeles Unified School Board in 2017. He is also a close observer of school board meetings and a strong supporter of public schools"

-Diane Ravitch


Mónica García Represents Ten Years of Failure:

 “The people I represent most really want their kid to be able to read and write and that is not true...yet. So I believe our biggest problem is  that most of our kids, all of our kids, can't read.

- Mónica García, 9/20/16

Carl J. Petersen will bring the changes to District 2 that our children need:


The LAUSD School Board needs a parent's perspective. None of the current Board members has a child enrolled in the District. I am a father of five who has fought the LAUSD to get my children the services that they needed. Now I want to fight for ALL KIDS.

One size education does not fit all. The District must provide opportunities to all students, not just those who are college-bound. We will fight to block the closure of special education centers and return funding to vocational education.

The march towards privatized education must be stopped. Unlike Mónica García's campaign, this campaign will not be funded by the charter industry. I will answer to the parents and students of the district, not corporate donors. Charters will be held accountable for the public funding they receive.


March 7, 2017

All Kids Are Our Kids!



Map of Board district 2


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