Bringing Accountability for All LAUSD Students

“When we say $1.4 billion for special ed and we only have $700 million from the federal government and the other $700 million are coming from every child in this district, I’m not about defunding special ed. I just know that we have a serious issue to how can we serve our own kids.”

- Mónica García

Carl J. Petersen for LAUSD School Board, District 2 because:

All Kids Are Our Kids!


  • The LAUSD School Board needs a parent's perspective. None of the current Board members has a child enrolled in the district.
  • One size education does not fit all. The District must provide opportunities to all students, not just those who are college-bound. We will fight to block the closure of special education centers and return funding to vocational education.
  • Eli Broad's plan to privatize education must be stopped. Unlike Mónica García's campaign, this campaign will not be funded by the charter industry. I will answer to the parents and students of the district, not corporate donors.


March 7, 2017



Map of Board district 2

Paid for by Carl J. Petersen for LAUSD School Board 2017 (ID# 1384794)