The Watchdog of LAUSD

By Stuart Goldurs

Writing about the LAUSD and my experience as a teacher.

In the United States of Plutocracy, is public education the last bastion of Democracy?

Public education is free; paid for by our property tax dollars. No one makes a profit from it. The board of education and the state superintendent of public education are chosen in free elections.

All of that is changing. Billionaires are pouring millions into local school board races to elect candidates who will serve their needs. Dot com millionaires with no knowledge of public education are running for statewide educational positions. 

These wealthy investors who would never allow their children to attend public or charter schools, who would never allow their children to attend schools using the Common Core, who would never allow their children to attend schools where everything including teachers’ evaluations depends on test scores, who would never allow their children to attend schools where the class sizes are large and there is minimal support personnel, are investing in charter and online schools and are working behind the scenes to get elected officials and district administrators to close public schools and send the students to for profit charters.

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Testing, testing 1, 2, 3, 4, and many more—LAUSD is at it again!

Teaching to the test. Then testing. The rhythm of education in LAUSD today. 

LAUSD is robbing your children of a well rounded education, a proper education, an education like they gave you before all the tests.

Teaching to the test. Then testing. The rhythm of education in LAUSD today.

Test scores, tests scores: compare them, improve them, at what cost to the students? At what costs to their futures?

Teaching to the test. Then testing. The rhythm of education in LAUSD today.

The fun is gone. The creativity is gone. The education in LAUSD has become a business. No longer are the students the bottom line--tests scores are.

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I want to buy a school from LAUSD

You say that is as stupid as widening the San Diego Freeway when they should have built a train transit system on it instead.

It seems that everything in LAUSD is for sale. 

School board candidates receive millions of dollars in campaign funds from out of state billionaires who have no vested interest in the school district.

Class sizes are being raised, so empty classrooms on many campuses are being given to for profit charter schools.

The reformers want LAUSD students (except for special needs ones) to move to those schools in which they and their peers have investments.

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Is there a difference between the war on terror and the war on teachers?

Why are we in Afghanistan anyway? 

To get our soldiers killed or injured or to have the soldiers return with PTSD, no jobs awaiting them, and limited federal government support.

Why did we invade and destroy Iraq?

To make billions for the defense industry which supports legislators with campaign contributions, and to make billions for the corporations rebuilding and the private defense firms guarding Iraq. And oil power.

Why is there a war on teachers?

To have every student in public schools enter for profit charter schools and to break the power of the teachers’ unions.

Money, lots of money:

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Bilbo Billionaire invades public education at LAUSD

My name is Bilbo Billionaire and my family through three generations has continued to double our fortunes every year. No one in my family, no one in my peer group, and no one on my Board of Directors, and no one in any of their families has ever attended public schools. We have been at the top private schools all the way.

I am investing in charter schools and online schools because both are real moneymakers. I have spent millions on local school board and statewide elections on candidates who advocate charter school education. I am strongly opposed to advocates of public school education.

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At Amelia Bedalia Elementary in LAUSD we follow the party line

(The following is fictional)

Amelia Bedalia Elementary in LAUSD is the future of education, so we follow the party line and it is reported in Pravda, I mean the LA School Report.

We teach solely to the test.

Language Arts and Mathematics are the only subjects taught. 

Physical Education is one day a month for 20 minutes.

Recess has been eliminated. Lunch is 15 minutes and only for eating. Bathroom breaks are strongly discouraged.

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Is LAUSD real or a Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Production?

Are they trying to provide a proper education for the students or are they trying to see who has the most power and influence?

Are trying to see which Los Angeles millionaires and billionaires can get their candidates elected to the LAUSD school board and who can get their chosen person selected as Superintendent?

Are they trying to get all senior teachers to retire early to save lifetime benefits by finding a reason to put them into teacher jails?

Are they trying to make sure that fewer students past the worthless tests so that more parents put their kids into charter schools that are for profit with the billionaires and millionaires as the investors in the schools?

Are they trying to make the teachers feel so poorly and be paid so poorly that they quit and leave the field of education?

Are they trying to force Breakfast In the Classroom so that their sponsors sell surplus food, the kids get fat on the high calorie, breakfasts, the teachers have to clean up and can have a bug infestations in their classrooms, and more educational time is lost?

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Everyone Knows Someone Who Always Thinks That They Are Right

They are controlling, do whatever they want to, and never apologize -- that is the LAUSD.

It doesn’t matter who the Superintendent is, who the Board of Education members are or who the top district administrators are.

The LAUSD does what it wants to and never apologies:

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Testing--so wasteful of money and instructional time!

LAUSD elementary students are completing the wasteful, monotonous DIBELS today.

Each teacher in Kindergarten through fifth grade has to sit in front of a computer with each student one at a time, while the student reads to the teacher. 

The teacher must hear the same passage over and over again. The tests take 7-8 minutes per student for fourth and fifth grade. Thirty or more students are in the fourth and fifth grade classes.

The rest of the class must work independently while the teacher concentrates on the test. Kindergarteners and first graders have to work independently, which is not easy for them.

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More LAUSD waste: Lobbyists, lawyers, and public relations—while air conditioners need service

Our tax dollars pay for lobbyists in the LAUSD Office of Government Relations with offices in Los Angeles and Sacramento. 

While class sizes are way too high!

The district uses high priced outside law firms while the Office of the General Counsel has a Facilities Legal Services Team consisting of 41 lawyers.

While "LAUSD has 2,600 requests for air conditioning repairs."

LAUSD has a Communications and Media Relations department with eight staff members and that does not include clerical personnel. 

While schools are filthy!


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